Best Bedding for Your Rental Cabin

March 27, 2023

Best Bedding for Your Rental Cabin

We opened our online shop back in the summer of 2006, selling rustic and old fashioned home decor- bedding, curtains and table linens mainly. Since then, we've worked with a number of rental cabin owners on various decorating and redecorating projects. In the beginning we had little advice to offer, other than what items coordinate with other items in order to make a pretty bedding ensemble. But over the years, we've learned a thing or two from our customers and we have a few helpful points to share.

From the feedback we've gotten we can safely say that not all bedding is suitable for a rental cabin. Even very high quality bedding. For a rental cabin you need to consider different factors than you would when choosing bedding for your own home. We sell various types of bedding- patchwork quilts, wholecloth quilts, comforters, and duvet covers. And we've sold all of these to cabin owners over the years, but one particular line of bedding has emerged as the hands down favorite for short term rental cabin decorating.

What line of bedding would that be? In our shop, the most popular choice over the years has been one of the Reversible Printed Quilts by HiEnd Accents. Why are these quilts so popular with rental cabin owners? Well, they seem to tick all the boxes that are important for cabin owners. They offer a mix of practicality, style, affordability and durability. Of course these are not the only options that might work for your cabin, but based on our experience these are the best options we have to offer. Read on to see why these work great for cabin owners, and what things you should consider when choosing bedding sets for your rental cabin.

1. Choose bedding that will photograph well.

Naturally, this is not the first thing that comes to mind when choosing bedding for your personal bedroom- but it's a huge issue for a rental cabin owner. Due to the current competitive market for short term rentals, your online cabin listing is vitally important. And a picture is worth a thousand words. You can have really top quality bed linens on your beds, but if they don't pop in the photos, you're really missing an opportunity to shine. Neutrals and solids are fine for your own home, but a colorful bedding set will really set your photos apart from the competition. Bold colors and patterns look great on camera and in person. Stay away from small scale prints and designs on comforters or quilts because they will not translate well on camera. Our rustic printed quilts offer multiple options in this regard. Bold Native American and Western inspired designs pack a visual punch that will make a lasting impression on prospective guests viewing your online cabin rental listing.

2. Choose bedding to accent your location.

While you may not want to decorate your entire home in a grizzly bear theme, this may be just perfect for your rental cabin. Folks are choosing your cabin to get away from regular life, so you have permission to take things a bit over the top. If you're in the mountains, make the most of it and go all the way. Don't be too subtle. Provide a rustic ambience to your guests that will truly make a memorable impression. And if your cabin is not in an ideal mountain location, your decor becomes even more important. Use your bedding and overall decor choices to market your cabin and appeal to prospective guests.

3. Choose bedding that is easy to launder.

Fluffy comforters are just dreamy to sleep under, but they can be a real pain to service. Most comforters require dry cleaning and even if they can be machine washed, you'll need a huge washing machine to do the job. Comforters are definitely not something that you can easily launder on a regular basis, and these days maintaining a hygienic environment is more important than ever. Whether you launder everything between guests, or just the sheets is an important decision to make. Washing all the bedding between guests has become a nice selling point in our post-pandemic world. It makes an impression on prospective guests, but it can be difficult if not impossible without the right bedding choices. Our reversible rustic printed quilts are compact and can easily fit into most washing machines, and come out looking great.

4. Choose bedding that is easy to store. And keep a spare bedding set.

Having a spare set of bedding is always a good idea. You never know what might happen... We got a frantic call from a cabin owner a few years ago who needed a last minute replacement quilt because her guest decided to pack up the original quilt and take it home! That cabin owner ended up ordering duplicates of everything to stash as a backup. Not a bad idea if you have the space to store it. Unlike bulky comforters, printed quilts can be folded compactly and stored in a closet when not in use.

5. Choose bedding that is suitable for year round use.

In other words, go with something that is not too warm. You can easily keep a blanket, or down comforter if you like- in the closet for cooler nights. Or add a coordinating blanket folded at the foot of the bed. But overloading your beds with too much warmth is wasted money, as not everyone has the same personal preferences when it comes to sleep comfort. You can also simplify your routine if you are able to use the same bedding year round. Our rustic printed quilts are lightweight and easy to layer with blankets or comforters as needed.

6. Choose bedding that is breathable.

Cotton is still king in this department. While more breathable synthetic fibers such as lyocell have entered the bedding market recently, they are often cost prohibitive for rental applications. And given the choice, most folks are still choosing cotton bedding when given the option. Our rustic printed quilts are made from soft cotton fabrics front and back for a comfortable and familiar feel. The batting used is a blend of cotton and polyester to keep them lightweight and suitable for year round use.

7. Choose bedding that is wrinkle free.

This is the main problem that arises with duvet covers. They can seem like the perfect solution for rental cabin bedding- provided you choose a machine washable duvet cover, but often they end up a wrinkled mess when they are dried. Still pretty and comfortable, but a less than perfect visual impression. Not the look you want to create. A quality washable cotton quilt is going to come out of the dryer looking good. No wrinkles to manage, and putting it back on the bed is much easier than stuffing a comforter back into a duvet cover.

8. Choose bedding that is durable.

Naturally, this is a huge factor. Your rental cabin bedding needs to withstand lots of use, and lots of laundering. While you should budget replacing your bedding after a few years, you certainly don't want to replace it every year. Consider the type of bedding that is most suitable for heavy use. While patchwork quilts are beautiful and generally sturdy in the home, they are not the best choice for rental cabins. Why is this? All those patches are sewn together, and repeated stress on those seams will eventually show wear. Do printed quilts show wear? Yes, of course. Everything will eventually show wear, but as a general rule a whole cloth printed quilt will hold up better to use and frequent washing than a patchwork.

9. Choose bedding that is generously sized.

Nothing says cheap like a bed that is draped in a skimpy quilt or comforter that fails to cover the mattress. Don't be that guy. Get a bed covering that actually covers the entire mattress- sides and all. Check the measurements before you make a purchase. Sometimes it is necessary to go up a size on your bed covering if your mattress is especially thick. This is another reason cabin owners give for loving the rustic printed quilts by HiEnd Accents. Their quilts are generously sized and most of the time do not require you to size up. But as always- measure twice and buy once if you have a thick mattress.

10. Choose bedding that is affordable.

Well of course. Goes without saying, right? After all, you're not in this rental cabin business for the fun of it. You want to stretch your dollars as much as you can to maximize your profit. But without sacrificing style, quality and durability. We get it, because we are small business owners too. Let us help with your next cabin decorating project. We are happy to offer special savings to cabin owners who are decorating multiple rooms, so just send us an email at for more info. We highly recommend the Printed Rustic Quilts by HiEnd Accents to cabin owners and would love to assist you in choosing the best bedding for your rental cabin.


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