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We're proud to offer a wide range of exceptional country home goods by VHC Brands. You'll love their vintage style patchwork quilts and coordinating accessories. Read more about this bestselling brand below. 

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VHC Brands (previously known as Victorian Heart Company) has been quietly making unique quilts and home accessories for over two decades. Their warehouse and main office is located in the picturesque Ozark mountains of Missouri, so it's no surprise that their products include a generous helping of rustic country charm.

This family owned business has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years due to the popularity of their designs and their excellent customer service. Their luxury bedding line- called Lasting Impressions- is manufactured in India using the highest standards of quality. Fabricated with a hearty cotton filling and high thread count fabric, this line has been recognized by quilt lovers worldwide as an outstanding product.

 Season after season, they manage to churn out new quilt patters to delight and enchant customers and retailers alike. Their updated classics reinvent old-fashioned quilting patterns like the log cabin quilt, pinwheel quilt and feathered star quilt. The design team at VHC has managed to capture the essence of antique quilts, while adding a good measure of practicality. Their quilts are machine washable and over-sized to allow for today's thicker mattresses. They have even introduced a unique "tea dyed" quilt which gives the look of age to a new textile. This first introduction was so wildly popular it was not unusual to wait weeks for a quilt!

We have been selling VHC Quilts for 10 years and we have been quite pleased with their quality. When that first box arrived, we were not sure what to expect. We've all seen cheap so called "patchwork quilts" at the local discount stores... Well, this quilt had nothing in common with those! It was more like something you saw at your Grandma's house- all fluffy and warm with thousands of little patches tightly stitched together. Instantly we knew we had a product we could believe in and proudly sell.

A lot has changed since we sold our first VHC quilt. This manufacturer now offers quilted handbags and scarfs under the Bella Taylor brand. And recently we have seen the release of several "Boho eclectic" bedding quilts with a much trendier vibe. But don't worry, they're not straying from their down home roots- old fashioned country quilts continue to be their main offering.

In summary, we are proud to offer you the full line of country quilts by VHC Brands. They may not be the cheapest quilts around, but you don't really want the cheapest do you? We think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you place an order. But don't take our word for it, try one in your home. We even offer free color swatches to help you choose!

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