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October 28, 2016

Made in USA

If there is one thing we have learned during the past 10 years of running our country linen shop, it would be this. Customers want to buy American-made goods.

Plain and simple. We get the message. There was a time when manufacturing jobs were plentiful in the US, and a "Made in the USA" label was not a rarity. So many of us were raised in families where one or both parents worked long hours at the factory. Now, so many of those factories are empty ghost towns, a mere memory of what used to be. And as a result, so many are struggling to find jobs.

But an interesting thing has happened in America. The tide is turning and your voices are being heard. We're seeing more and more American-made goods at each trade show we attend. It's an exciting time.

If you haven't had the opportunity to browse our website lately, let me take a moment to show you a few of our best-selling American goods.


Homespun Bedskirt

 Homespun Curtains and Bedding

Our Homespun Collection offers made to order valances, swags, rod pocket panels, coverlets, pillow shams, and more. All pieces are available in a wide range of country style fabrics, like checks, ticking stripes, and plaids. You choose the fabric and your order is sewn by an expert seamstress right here in the USA. Your order will be ready to ship in around 2 1/2  weeks. Our most popular Homespun item? This would be our Homespun Bedskirts. They can be ordered in most any bed size or length. Throw in a couple of matching ruffled pillow shams and your bedding set is complete!


Martha Washington Bedspread

Woven Bedspreads

Another popular collection that is domestically produced would be our woven bedspreads. These are woven in the same old-fashioned patterns that graced your grandmother's bed. The patterns include the well-loved, nubby textured, Martha Washington Bedspread, and the intricately gorgeous matelasse Queen Elizabeth Bedspread. These bedspreads are easily machine washable and wear like iron.


Rustic Faux Wood Rug

Faux Wood Rugs

This is a really cool line of products. These are rubber backed low profile rugs with truly realistic imagery in the form of wood. These rugs not only provide an instant pop of rustic appeal, they are also highly practical. They're water resistant and virtually indestructible. (If you're a pet owner this is a must have. Dogs and rugs don't always mix, but this rug is the perfect choice for messy four legged friends.) When those little messes appear, the rug can easily be hosed off outside. How easy is that?


So, there you have it. A few of our fav Made in the USA collections. Check out all of our American Made Goods here. And we are always on the lookout to add more high quality items (foreign and domestic) for your decorating convenience.

Thanks for stopping by!


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