Rustic Faux Wood Rugs

They look like wood, but they're really rugs! Available in multiple sizes and designs- scroll down to see all the options.

        • Polyester with neoprene backing
        • Super thin, low profile design - 1/8" thick
        • Skid Resistant Backing, (no rug pads needed!)
        • Machine Washable
        • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
        • Permanently dyed prints so the patterns won't fade with each washing
        • Available in 3 sizes- 23" x 36"; 24" x 60"; and 46" x 66"
      Made In the USA!
      Please note- Runners (25" x 60") and Area Rugs (46" x 66") will have squared off edges, so you can easily combine several rugs to cover an entire room, as shown above. Small rugs (23" x 36") will have rounded corners. Rugs can easily be trimmed to size with scissors.

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