The Farmer's Market Collection by VHC Brands

Farmer's Market Towels

No day in the country would be complete without a stop at the farmer's market. The newest textile collection by VHC Brands takes its inspiration from this nostalgic country scene. Premiering in spring 2020, the new Farmer's Market Collection features kitchen towels, toss pillows, shower curtains and of course bedding. Let's take a look at some of the cute new pieces. Above you will find one of the kitchen towel sets- featuring corn, radishes and carrots. There's another set that depicts different veggies...

Farmer's Market Towels

The towels are illustrated in a seed pack motif with printed designs on front. They're made from unbleached natural muslin fabric for an organic look. All of the towels are 19" x 28" and are made with hanging loops so you can easily hang them in your kitchen. There are a few more designs, which you can check out below...

Farmer's Market Fruit Towels

Farmer's Market Fruit Towels

Cute stuff, right? And this wholesome country goodness does not stop in the kitchen. Take a look at the pretty country shower curtains below...

Farmer's Market Shower Curtain

 Farmer's Market Shower Curtain

The print shower curtains are pretty cute, but a simple grain sack design is pretty hard to beat. Which one do you like best?

Farmer's Market Grain Sack Stripe Shower Curtain

And speaking of grain sack stripes brings us to the inevitable quilt. (You knew there would be quilt in there somewhere, didn't you!) Yes, VHC Brands is all about quilts. The Farmer's Market Quilt has a simple design, which is just perfect for Farmhouse decor.

Farmer's Market Quilt

This quilt features a casual block design made from soft cotton chambray fabrics. The colors are cream, khaki and a lovely grayish blue. The look is very restful, neutral and soft. Just what you would expect in modern farmhouse decor. Now, if you need a bit more color- no worries. Take a look at the punchy collection of toss pillows below...

The Farmer's Market Fresh Strawberries Pillow is 12" x 12" and makes a cute focal point to your bedding ensemble. Also see the sweet Watermelon Pillow below.

And you gotta see the Farmer's Market Garden Veggie Pillow. It's larger- 14" x 22" and it features a cute seed pack motif. This one has sold out already, but a new shipment will be coming in April.

So, that's not everything, but you've seen the highlights. You can view the entire Farmer's Market Collection at

Most of the pieces shown here will be available very soon and can actually be pre-ordered now. Farmer's Market items are expected to ship in mid March.

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