New Sawyer Mill Farmhouse Bedding and Accessories

October 03, 2018

Sawyer Mill Star Quilt

Hello Everyone~

We just wanted to let you guys know about a few new Sawyer Mill items from VHC Brands. This popular farmhouse-inspired collection now includes the super cute patchwork quilt shown above. It coordinates nicely with any of the previously released Sawyer Mill items, including the other Sawyer Mill quilt which we are now calling the Sawyer Mill Block Quilt to reduce any possible confusion. Either quilt can be used with the matching bedding accessories and window treatments for a fully coordinated country look.

This new star quilt is a bit brighter in color than the previous block quilt due to the khaki chambray background. The appliqued stars are made from the same neutral toned plaid and stripe fabrics that are used in the block quilt and original accessories. Other new pieces include a cute matching Sawyer Mill Star Ruffled Pillow, see below...

Sawyer Mill Star Pillow

 And also a cute quilted throw with appliqued stars. The throw is made with a handy rod pocket on back so you can easily hang it on the wall if desired. We prefer to cuddle up with this one, though. It's a very soft and fluffy throw- that khaki chambray fabric has a really nice feel to it. (This throw has already found a home on the back of our sofa!) Check it a pic of the Sawyer Mill Star Quilted Throw below...

Sawyer Mill Star Throw

So what else is new? Well, there are 3 new Sawyer Mill shower curtains. Now you can choose from the Sawyer Mill Cow Shower Curtain, the Sawyer Mill Pig Shower Curtain, or the Sawyer Mill Poultry Shower Curtain. So choose your favorite farm animal! And if that's not your cup of tea, you might like the original Sawyer Mill Windmill Shower Curtain. They're all really cute, it's hard to decide which one to choose. Here are the new designs...

Sawyer Mill Poultry Shower Curtain

Sawyer Mill Pig Shower Curtain

Sawyer Mill Cow Shower Curtain

Another notable addition to the Sawyer Mill Collection would be the new window treatments. Check out the adorable rod pocket panels below with attached patchwork valances. The base fabric here is the khaki chambray plus an assortment of coordinating plaids and stripes in a mix of gray, black, tan and cream colors. Each panel is accented with two darker khaki burlap ruffles that match items from the Burlap Natural Collection. These curtains give a subtle neutral look, but the mix of colors and patterns in the fabrics keep it from being boring. Below is a pic of the Sawyer Mill Chambray 63" Panel Set With Attached Valance. This design is also available in the 84" panel. How cute are these?

Sawyer Mill Chambray Panel Set With Attached Valance

And last of all, we're excited to introduce a nice assortment of braided rugs to accent your Sawyer Mill bedding and home decor. They're made of sturdy jute fibers and are fully reversible for added wear. Check out the Sawyer Mill Oval Braided Rug below. It's available in 5 different sizes to fit any space you need to decorate. And if you prefer a rectangle shape, there are 5 of those as well. What more could your modern country farmhouse need?

Sawyer Mill Oval Braided Rug

You can view the the entire Sawyer Mill Collection here. It's been a very popular pattern since it's introduction- at times selling out as soon as a new shipment was unloaded off the truck! Most everything is in stock now, so it's a great time to get your farmhouse on : ))

Remember, we do have free fabric swatches of this collection so feel free to give us a call or email to request them.

Thanks for stopping by ~

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