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Better Rustic Cabin Bedding - New Quilts by Retro Barn

November 11, 2017


Hello everyone! The cozy season is upon us, and we've just introduced 6 new quilts. We're especially excited about these quilts because they're kinda special. Here's the story behind them...

Back in 2006 we started our website selling various country home textiles such as curtains, tablecloths and patchwork quilts. The majority of our customers have always been folks who are decorating their home in a rustic or country theme, but a fair number of orders were coming from customers who were decorating a second home or vacation cabin. Many times they would write to us looking for recommendations on bedding that would hold up to frequent laundering and above average wear and tear. In those types of situations we have always suggested that customers choose a rugged wholecloth quilt and then accent with rustic accessories rather than choosing a patchwork quilt. While all of our patchwork quilts are machine washable, many of them are hand quilted and not the best option if you plan to launder frequently. So for cabin owners and folks concerned about rowdy pets and/or kids in the bed- we would always recommend a wholecloth quilt rather than a patchwork. But we made a mental note that there should be another option...

When we began designing our own line of quilts and country home decor (aka Retro Barn Originals), this is one idea we were eager to bring to life. So that brings us back to today.

Drum Roll Please ~

We are calling these rugged new quilts Roughhouse Patchworks. They incorporate traditional country patchwork designs with exceptionally sturdy construction for a highly durable country bedding option. 

The strength of a quilt lies in the stitching. Our Roughhouse quilts are quilted with over two times as many stitches per inch as the rest of our patchworks by leading manufacturers. More stitches equals more durability and better performance under pressure (i.e., those rowdy kids and pets). They can be machine washed many times and will only look better over time. Remember how "wrinkly and crinkly" Grandma's quilts were? These will take on the same look after washing. But don't worry- these quilts are also large in scale, generously oversized to allow for thick mattresses and also a bit of inevitable shrinkage (they're 100% cotton). So cozy and so authentically country. 

Bottom line here- if you're decorating a rental cabin, dog friendly bedroom, kid friendly bedroom or just a person friendly bedroom- you will love our Roughhouse quilts. We currently have 6 different quilts to choose from, and a few more coming soon. In stock we have queen and king sizes only, but special sizes can be made just for you. Since these quilts are not mass produced, we have customization options that are not possible with our other quilts from leading manufacturers. Please contact us with any ideas or needs you may have in this regard.

And now to see the quilts-

Huckleberry Hill Roughhouse Quilt

This one is called Huckleberry Hill. It's a personal favorite (well, actually they all are!) but this one is close to the top of the list. It's done in burgundy and navy which is such a homey look. The pattern used is the good ol' Trip Around the World. Who doesn't love a trip around the world quilt?? 


Hannah Ninepatch Roughhouse Quilt

To me, this one looks straight out of Grandma's bedroom. The Hannah quilt is a sweet green and khaki ninepatch quilt with a nostalgic feel. The fabrics here are a mix of tiny scale botanicals and plaids. Dark green quilts are a rare find these days. This one is a beauty!


Fieldstone Roughhouse Quilt


It took a minute to name this quilt, but then we figured out exactly what the colors reminded us of- Texas fieldstone. Done up in all neutral shades of gray and khaki, this quilt is a slightly modern take on the traditional patchwork quilt. Modern farmhouse style is so hot right now, and this quilt fits the bill perfectly. The random patchwork blocks give it a casual feel.


Burgundy Bear's Paw Roughhouse Quilt

Here's another country classic, the bear's paw quilt. This is a legendary quilt pattern that has been beloved for centuries. Our Burgundy Bear's Paw quilt is perfect for rustic cabin or primitive country applications. The colors here are burgundy and khaki, accented with burgundy plaid accessories. Also available in Black, see below-


Black Bear's Paw Roughhouse Quilt

The Black Bear's Paw Quilt is done simply in black and khaki solid fabrics. An unusual combination these days- solid fabric, two color quilts have become hard to find as most feature plaid fabrics along with solids. This one is accented with plaid accessories and binding only. A striking vintage look.


Black Feathered Star Roughhouse Quilt 

 This one is a show stopper. The gorgeous Black Feathered Star Quilt is another solid fabric, two color quilt with a very traditional look. It would be wonderful to display during the holiday season. It's a deep burgundy red with black detailing, accented here with black and burgundy check accessories. Paired with a log bed, antique bed or even a platform bed- this is a breath taking quilt!


So there you have it. Over 10 years in the making, but we think they're worth it. Please feel free to contact us for more info on our Roughhouse Patchwork Quilts. Free swatches are available for any of these. Until next time ~

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