Our Favorite Quilts for Valentine's Day

Ozark Quilt at Retro Barn

Don't you just love decorating your home for the changing seasons? Now that the Christmas decor is safely packed up, it's time to look ahead to Valentine's Day! The gorgeous red patchwork above is called Ozark by VHC Brands. This collection includes lots of matching accessories, but the one absolutely essential item is the Ozark Love Pillow. We'll post a close up of it below ...

Ozark Love Pillow

This adorable little toss is full of sentimental details- crochet lace, vintage style ticking stripes and a heart made from wooden buttons. So cute! Are you ready for another charming patchwork that's just perfect for Valentine's Day? Check out the Prairie Winds Quilt below ...

Prairie Winds Quilt at Retro Barn

Prairie Winds is another nostalgic patchwork made by VHC Brands of Missouri. This one features a barn red, khaki and sage green color scheme. Pure country goodness! This collection also includes a "lovely" toss pillow that's just perfect for your Valentine's Day decor. Check it out below ...

Prairie Winds Home Pillow

The Prairie Winds Home Pillow includes that gorgeous crochet lace again, green ticking stripes and red plaid hearts outlined with rustic rope trim. As Dorothy used to say, "There's no place like home." 

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

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