Old Fashioned Quilted Bedspreads

July 13, 2016

Cornflower Bedspread Quilt

Old fashioned bedspreads are really making a comeback. Some would say they never left.

Traditional bedspreads are a classic home decor element that never really goes out of style. They're like the "little black dress" of bedding. They go with anything. Easy to dress up with accessories, but still gorgeous without them.

What do people love about bedspreads? Well, there's an immediate sense of nostalgia when you see one. It takes you back to Sunday afternoon at Grandma's house. Lucy and Ethel and Leave it to Beaver- a return to all things simple and wholesome. Who wouldn't appreciate a little comforting nostalgia after a hard day at the office?

Another plus- it's easy to make the bed. No need for tons of toss pillows and shams to be meticulously arranged every morning- just straighten, tuck, and go. Even your husband will be able to make the bed. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one!)

We've been selling old fashioned bedspreads for about four years. We started off with a few classic woven styles, like the Martha Washington and Queen Elizabeth patterns. People loved them, and they quickly became bestsellers for us.

We hoped to add some fluffy chenille bedspreads, but never had much success in finding a reliable supplier. We were really excited to find a US source for custom made bedspreads, but were greatly disappointed to discover that the only backing available was scratchy polyester. So back to the drawing board...

Fast forward to today- we've finally got a collection of our very own Hand Quilted Bedspreads to offer you guys. These are every bit as classic and high-end as the popular line of woven bedspreads. In fact, these are made the old fashioned way- quilted by hand. The fabrics are hearty cottons super soft to the touch- on both sides. Oh, and the batting is breathable cotton as well. Yes, we're pretty excited about these new bedspreads!

Lincoln Plaid Bedspread Quilt

After much debate back and forth, we've decided to call them "bedspread quilts" because that seems to be the most accurate description. Yes, they are patchwork quilts- but unlike the other patchwork quilts we sell, they are large enough to extend all the way to the floor and long enough to tuck around your pillows in the traditional fashion. But if you happen to have a very tall bed or a very thick mattress, you can simply lay the bedspread quilt out flat (skipping the pillow tuck) and add a couple of matching pillow shams, even a bedskirt if you feel the need. You'll find that the king and queen sized bedspread quilts are both quite nicely over-sized.

Autumn Plaid Bedspread Quilt

So, if you're searching for a really vintage look for your bedroom you may want to try a good old fashioned bedspread. And we would humbly suggest that you try one of ours, because they are the best you'll find. (Trust us on this because we've sampled a lot of skimpy, scratchy bedspreads in the past 10 years!) You want the good stuff don't you?

Rosewood Bedspread Quilt

 Available in four color combos, all with matching accessories. View all of the Hand Quilted Bedspread Quilts and Accessories here. If you need free fabric swatches, please email us and we'll be glad to send  'em!

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