Affordable Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

November 11, 2016

Country Christmas Decor

Can you believe it's almost Christmas already? Crazy, huh?

It's time to start thinking about decorating for the holidays. Oh- and it's also time to start thinking about buying gifts for all your family and friends. How's a country girl (or guy) going to manage both without breaking the budget?

Well, by reading our handy little guide that's chock full of affordable country Christmas decorating ideas!

We'll help you decorate on the cheap, so you can spend the big bucks on your babies. (Isn't that what we always do anyway??) They'll be happy, and you can still have a cute and cozy home this holiday season! Let's get started...


Affordable Decorating Idea #1 - Fresh (or faux) Greenery

Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

You can never have enough of this stuff. We like to use it everywhere during the holidays- on the mantel, around doors and windows, over picture frames, and of course in the form of holiday wreaths. Fresh greenery adds such a natural rustic touch, bringing all the beauty of the season, minus all the commercialism. Plus a few added bonuses - it's inexpensive, easy to find, and smells awesome! And quite frankly, faux greenery has a few bonuses as well. Faux greenery is even cheaper, easier to find, and lasts year after year. Add a few squirts of pine scented room spray, and you're all set! Either way you go, greenery is a must have.

Affordable Decorating Idea # 2 - Homemade Ornaments


Homemade Country Christmas Ornaments

This is a decorating idea that also provides cheap entertainment for the kiddos plus priceless memories. One of our favorite holiday traditions is making our own ornaments. This is a fun family activity that can start early in the season. Just about anything colorful can be fashioned into an ornament. Kids are amazingly creative when given a few simple supplies. If you need a little inspiration, check out Pinterest. You'll find tons of low cost ideas!


Affordable Decorating Idea # 3 - Christmas Stockings

 Country Christmas Stocking

Cute Christmas stockings provide so many decorating opportunities. Arrange them over the mantle in traditional fashion, or scatter them about the house for an unexpected touch of holiday spirit. Cute stockings are affordable and easy to find at any discount or dollar store. The nostalgic country stocking shown here is the Tidings Stocking ($12) by VHC Brands. So cute!

Affordable Decorating Idea # 4 - Woven Throws

Jasper Woven Throw

You can never have too many of these. Woven throws are excellent for snuggling up on a cold winter's night, but they also have a ton of other uses. We use them to provide a pop of color on chairs and sofas, and also as a casual tablecloth to disguise those unsightly doggy chew marks on the coffee table. Plus they make super handy gifts to keep on hand for unexpected holiday visitors. You'll find these in lots of different colors and patterns around the holidays. Choose a rustic plaid, like the Jasper Throw ($26) shown here, and it can still be used after the holidays are over.

 Affordable Decorating Idea # 5 - Table Runners

Country Christmas Runner

Table runners are another low cost way to add holiday style to your home. They're easy to throw onto your dining or living room tables for a quick change of pace. Also try them on your bedroom dresser and end table for a touch of Christmas cheer in that room. Runners are generally inexpensive and again, readily available in lots of different style options. We have two new runners this year, the Cabin Christmas Runner ($12), shown above and the festive Rustic Star Runner ($22). Easy breezy holiday decorating!

 Affordable Decorating Idea # 6 - Tree Skirts

Bless Our Home Tree Skirt

Tree skirts have really caught on in recent years. Remember the old days when Mom wrapped the polyester fake snow with glitter around the tree? Well, those days are over! This is a new day- and tree skirts have turned into a major way to add holiday bling to your tree. They're available in every imaginable style and color to suit your individual style. Since we're country lovin' folks, we prefer something rustic and nostalgic like the gorgeous Woodland Tree Skirt ($24) shown above. We also love the new patchwork Star of Wonder and Starburst tree skirts ($84). A bit more pricey, but so worth it!

Affordable Decorating Idea # 7 - Patchwork Quilts

Kent Quilt

Nothing warms up your space like a real patchwork quilt. Yes, it's more of an investment, but you've been very good this year... And the new Kent Quilt by VHC Brands is surprisingly affordable. The queen quilt sells for $110 and the king size is $130. The matching pillow shams are available separately. This nostalgic eight-point star pattern looks perfect for the holidays, but can easily be used any time of year. Simple, elegant, nostalgic and quintessentially country.

So, there you have it- plenty of ideas to get your holiday started in true country style. Check out all of our Country Christmas Decor and Country Quilts for more inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.

~ Let's get this season started, folks!


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