Country Americana Home Decor

June 27, 2016

Country Americana Home Decor

The team here at Retro Barn is so excited to celebrate our country's independence! We are earnestly thankful for the blessings of freedom, and we don’t want anyone to take that for granted.

The United States of America is a wonderful country, and we are truly blessed by God to have the freedoms that we do. That’s why we are so excited about this upcoming Independence Day, and to help you get in the spirit, we have some authentic Americana products on sale!

Sometimes it’s the little things that help us remember. An American flag printed on a shirt, a doormat colored red white and blue, or a pillow with the stars and stripes stitched in, sitting out on the swing of the front porch.

Retro Barn believes in these little reminders, and we think that they serve a very important purpose. Especially while the world is facing these trying times.

The freedom to be together, and to be happy is what’s most important.

Hardworking people built America. People that made some serious sacrifices so that others could reap the benefits in the future. We think that a lot of the Retro Barn products pay homage to the hard work of those people.

God Bless America Porch PillowWhile you can walk into any retail store and purchase a new bench pillow or mass-produced blanket, Retro Barn offers products that have character. From our God Bless America Porch Pillow to our Patriotic Patch Quilt, we think each runner, throw, and placemat has a little bit of the American spirit stitched in.

Because we respect the hard work of our fellow Americans (you), we don’t want to break your bank. That’s why we are glad to be able to offer you some very high quality products for a discounted price in honor of this Independence Day.

Betsy Americana Quilt SetThe Betsy Handcrafted Quilt Set is marked down almost a full 100 dollars, allowing for some huge savings on the full package! You receive a quilt, shams, toss pillows, and even bed skirting! (We only have a few of these left, so don't wait if you love it!)

If you’re just looking for something special to set your table with this Independence Day, check out the Patriotic Patch Flag Placemat Set, listed at just $14.00.

Patriotic Patch Placemat Set

Regardless of how you and your loved ones celebrate, what’s important is that you spend time together, and appreciate the sacrifices of those past Americans who worked so hard to create the country that we live in today.

In the words of Martina McBride;

Let Freedom Ring!

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