A Guide to Bedskirts

October 06, 2016

Breckenridge Bedskirt

Looking for a bedskirt or dust ruffle to compliment your country bedding ensemble? Do you even need one? Find out what you need to know so you can make the right choice for your space.

We have an impressive collection of patchwork quilts, pillows, shams, bed skirts, comforters, curtains, and much more. It’s great to have a wide selection of products! When people fall in love or get compliments on an item from Retro Barn, we absolutely LOVE to hear about it.

Not all of us have that interior design bug. It can be extremely challenging to master the look of your space. As providers of some of the best country linens available, we want to help break things down, and show you how you can make these things called “Bedskirts” work in your space.

What you must understand about creating the look of a space, is that you don’t really NEED any particular item. In fact, once you accept this as truth, you’ll find that creating your own custom look becomes a lot easier. You can create an absolutely stunning country bedding ensemble without the addition of a bedskirt or dust ruffle. Need an example of this? Just check out the Watson Quilt.

Watson Quilt

This photo provide to us by Taylor Linens, shows the quilt on an antique metal bed without any skirting. Also, keep in mind that most products that are labeled as a bedspread will not require a bedskirt because the bedspread is already large enough to cover the space between the bedding and the floor.

Still, you have to have some understanding of how bed skirting is used if you want to order it  for your own home. Most of our customers end up using a bedskirt or dust ruffle (same thing, different name) because it does provide an extra bit of decorating bling. It gives a graceful and complete look to the bed, plus it allows you to easily hide anything that might be stored (or hiding)  under the bed...

Dog Under Bedskirt

If you like the look of a bedskirt on our site, but you’re not sure whether it will work in your space, just start with the size of your bed.

It’s obvious that a king bed needs a king skirt, a queen bed needs a queen skirt, etc. That part is easy enough - but the other size that needs to be considered is the drop length.

Drop length refers to the length that the skirt will hang down around the frame. To find out how long of a drop length you’ll need, we recommend measuring from the top of the box spring down to the floor. Generally, the length will be from 14” to 21”. Whatever your measurement is will be the ideal drop length.

Drop Length for Bedskirt

Keep in mind that a drop length that is a bit too short is better than one that is too long. If the skirting is too long, it will end up bunching around the foot of your bed, and could be a trip hazard! Not to mention, it’s a hard look to pull off.

You’ll find that our bedskirts mostly come at 16”, but we offer 14” to 21” as well, and most are made with split corners, so they will work with beds that have footboards! Our Homespun Bedskirts are a popular choice. These are custom made skirts that can be ordered in a variety of different fabrics and lengths. Plus they're made right here in the USA!

We have a great selection of bedskirts and other products, many of which you’ll find information on in our FAQ page. If you have questions about certain pieces, or would just like to know more about choosing a look for your home, you can always reach out to us on the phone or over email!

We’ll always be happy to help you with your selections, and find that perfect look for your home!

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