Colorful Farmhouse Bedding Ideas

June 11, 2019

Hannah Quilt by Retro Barn

Do you love Farmhouse style? Yep, we do too. Now, if you google Farmhouse Bedding, you'll find a ton examples that feature neutral colored bedding. After all, this version of country decor is supposed to be quiet, peaceful and subtle. But it need not be boring! If you prefer a little more color, we've compiled a few of our favorite Farmhouse bedding ensembles that will add a dash of color without sacrificing the peaceful easy feeling that IS Farmhouse style.

Please note, this post was originally written in 2016. Unfortunately, many of the quilts featured have been discontinued, so links to them have been removed. We are leaving the pics as inspiration and we've also added several NEW colorful Farmhouse quilts to the list. So let's get to it!

Let's start with the pretty green country quilt shown above. This one is called Hannah and it's a classic ninepatch quilt design made from a sweet green floral print fabric, accented with khaki and green plaids. The Hannah pillow shams are made in the striking Sister's Choice pattern. (Now that's not one you see often!) Ask your Grannie if she remembers the Sister's Choice quilt block. It was popular in the 1930's and 1940's. Hannah would make a pretty addition to your modern farmhouse decor. And this one is a Retro Barn Original!

Hannah Quilt with Sister's Choice Shams

Hannah Quilt with Sister's Choice Shams

Cheyenne American Red Wholecloth Quilt (retired)

Colorful Farmhouse Bedding

Next, let's take a look at the Cheyenne Wholecloth Quilt in American Red. This is the gorgeous red bedding set shown above. It's not just a plain old solid quilt. If you look closely you'll see that it's embroidered with intricate starbursts and crosses and it has a distressed weathered look. It brings to mind the old red barn out back. Can't get much more country farmhouse than that! This set would look great with a few grain sack pillows, don't you think? Here's another idea...

 Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt

Colorful Farmhouse Bedding

This quilt has such an old fashioned look. It's made with a random selection of fabrics for a really scrappy look. Like something your great Grandma could have made while living on the prairie. We've paired it with a set of ruffled sheets and used a simple pillow arrangement for a look that is timeless. This would look great with an old iron bed, simple window treatments and light colored walls. There's a lot of color here, but it still has that peaceful and nostalgic look that is what Farmhouse style is all about. FYI- this set can be purchased as a quilt or a patchwork duvet cover. The duvet is a really versatile option because you can adjust the warmth level by adding a thicker or thinner insert.

Watson Patchwork Quilt

Colorful Farmhouse Bedding

Now, this is a quilt that combines ticking stripes, grain sack stripes and large scale plaid fabrics. The colors are a nice mix of earthy browns, tans and cream with a shot of red. This is one of our most favorite quilts. In fact, if you dropped by our house this is the quilt you would find in our master bedroom right now. It's got such a sweet vintage look. We're using the Burgundy Check bedskirt and curtains with it (not an exact match, but who cares? they look cute together!) and the Bronte Needlepoint Pillow as a final touch. Another option would be to add one (or more) of the new Farmhouse Silhouette Pillows. Pure country goodness : ))

Dakota Star Farmhouse Blue Quilt

 This one is pure country Farmhouse. Soft shades of blue and khaki, but not too boring. The quilt top boasts a big showy star in the middle, so it really packs a punch. But in the sweetest, most nostalgic down-home way. Subtle but not too quiet- gotta love that kind of style. This one will really get noticed on your bed- you can add a few toss pillows if you like, but this one is a focal point all by itself. Pair it with the matching ticking stripe accessories for a totally coordinated look. View the entire Dakota Star Farmhouse Blue Collection.

Rory Schoolhouse Red Quilt

 This one is a simple block style patchwork with an casual red and khaki color scheme. The red here is a nice barn red, or schoolhouse red as the name suggests. It's a warm and inviting color combo that fits well into most earth toned or neutral rooms. The accessories here really add to the Farmhouse feel- check out the Rory Schoolhouse Red Embroidered Pillow. It's the only pillow shown here, but the Rory Collection includes several cute ones. Pair the quilt with matching ticking stripe accessories for an easy peasy combo.

Tacoma Quilt

This one is an all out show stopper. The Tacoma Quilt is a best seller with lots of vibrant color and a classic pattern. This quilt is designed in the traditional "Log Cabin" layout with various rectangle strips of fabric intricately arranged around a square center. The overall look is quite striking when viewed at a distance. And even better up close. The vibrant red here is off set by several earthy brown plaids for a really rich look. Red and cream plaid accessories make the look complete. View the entire Tacoma Collection.

Prescott Quilt

Prescottt Quilt

If you prefer more earth toned Farmhouse bedding, you're sure to love the Prescott Collection. This baby mixes every shade of brown you can imagine for a richly detailed design. The Prescott Quilt is constructed in the classic "Trip Around the World" patchwork pattern- one of the most loved and easily recognized designs. It is made up of hundreds of tiny squares arranged in a symmetrical grid forming a eye-catching pattern. You just gotta see it. It's really pretty. Colorful but earthy and neutral at the same time. A very warm and rustic look.

Maddox Patchwork Quilt (retired)

Colorful Farmhouse Bedding

This is a perfect look for a Farmhouse bedroom. Big triangles are arranged in a traditional Flying Geese quilt pattern for a vintage style look. This quilt looks nice in the pic, but it really pops in person. One thing you might miss- the fabric used for the bedskirt and curtains is a super cute blue and cream gingham (love gingham). It looks almost fuzzy in the pic, but it's crisp and oh so country in real life! The blue gingham fabric is also used in the quilt patches. This one is shown with the Burlap Natural Standard Shams. If you love Farmhouse Style, you know how important burlap is. A decorating must have! Overall, a cute country look with Farmhouse appeal. Two thumbs up.

  The Fletcher Wedding Ring Quilt (retired)

This look is very colorful and very old school country. Who doesn't love a nice wedding ring quilt? This one would be perfect in a Farmhouse styled bedroom, but don't stop there. It would also be gorgeous in the living room. Hanging on the wall maybe? It's pretty enough for display. Fletcher has a traditional Amish look with solid fabrics and dark colors. Straight off the farm. Add a few barn stars and rustic black signs and you're all set. And don't forget the burlap. This one is also shown with accessories from the Burlap Natural Collection.

So there you have it. Several ideas for adding color to your Farmhouse bedroom decor. This of course is not an exhaustive list- check out our full collection of Colorful Farmhouse Bedding to compliment a rustic Farmhouse bedroom. You may also want to check out our regular assortment of Farmhouse Bedding. (This is the more neutral colored stuff that you normally think of for Farmhouse style. Yes, we have that too!) And for more inspiration visit our visit our Farmhouse Decor Pinterest Board and our  handpicked collection of farm fresh goodies at

Farmhouse style is all about that peaceful nostalgic vibe, so chill out and stay country

~ Peace and joy : ))



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