Country Cottage Style Linens

Country Cottage Style Linens

Feather your nest in romantic country cottage style.

Our Country Cottage Collection features handpicked quilts, curtains, and table linens to accent your decor.

Sweet dreams are made of this...

The Little Country Cottage

Ahh, to spend the day in a little country cottage of one's own...

Where the white-washed walls glow and sparkle in the sunshine, the peaches ripen on the vine, and the music of song birds border on divine.

Sort of like living in fairy tale, isn't it? The surroundings are humble- even rustic and primitive. But the cottage is filled with peace and love and all things warm and cozy, so who needs anything more? The humble abode is sufficient for all our needs. It's crowned by a woman's touch, of course- she's dressed and pressed and laced the windows. Making the most of what she's been given. Preparing a refuge for those she loves.

The kitchen is fragrant with ginger and sugar and vanilla. All mixed up and baking in the oven. Gleaming copper kettles just waiting to serve. Gingham to cheer and chambray to comfort. Sunshine again spilling all over. Tea pots and cozies and daisies to boot. Over it all, reads HOME SWEET HOME.

When day is done and rest is ready, the quiet bedroom awaits. Worn paint on the iron bed, not a care in the world. Dressed in linen and cotton, the lavender scented bed is a carriage to dreamland. A quilt of many colors adorns- it might get chilly tonight. Just pull it up and snuggle in. Everything will be a little better in the morning...