Quilts by VHC - Frequently Asked Questions



1. Is this quilt really machine washable?

Most of them are! This info will be noted in the product description. 

2. Do these quilts have cotton or polyester batting?

All of the quilts by VHC are made with 100% cotton batting.

3. How heavy are these quilts?

VHC quilts are considered to be mid-weight. The king size patchwork quilts run about 8 to 10 pounds. Queen quilts are about 6 to 8 pounds. The thickness is suitable for year-round use. On colder nights you will probably need an extra blanket.

4. Where are these quilts made?

VHC quilts are made in India.

5. Do you have any quilts made for full size beds?

Unfortunately, VHC Brands does not manufacturer quilts in the full or double size. Many customers use a queen size quilt on their full size bed. This usually will work just fine, but the quilt will hang down a bit lower than shown in the product photo.

6. What if I order this quilt and it does not work for me?

No worries. We will be happy to issue a refund. All we ask is that you send it back within 30 days, in the same condition in which you received it.

7. Can you send me a swatch so I can be sure the colors in this quilt will work in my home?

You bet. We have swatches of almost all VHC quilts. Just email us at email@retrobarn.com,  call 800-905-9163.  We're happy to help.

8. Can I order a particular quilt in a custom size or color?

Unfortunately, no. VHC quilts are made in specific sizes and colors.

9. Does VHC make quilts for oversized mattresses?

Yes, most VHC quilts are generously sized. Many of our customers are surprised when their quilt actually fits their bed- it's hard to find quilts this large! In 2019, VHC began making their largest quilt to date- the new Cal King size. Please note that this is even larger than their previous Luxury King size. Not sure which one to choose? We have found that most folks do not need the Cal King size, even if they have a Cal King bed. We would only recommend the Cal King size if you have a very thick mattress or if you want the quilt to extend almost to the floor.

10. How long will a particular quilt be available?

Unfortunately, this is a question we can't answer. VHC premieres new designs seasonally, and they retire older patterns at the same time. We have sadly seen some really gorgeous patterns disappear after only a few months. It is very difficult to predict. Bottom line- if you see a quilt you love, don't wait. It may not be around for long!



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