Quilted Table Runner As Window Valance

February 07, 2016

This striking valance is really just a 48" runner hanging on a curtain rod.

You can sew a rod pocket sleeve on the back of the runner, or for a "no sew" method you can do a perform a little surgery on the runner. Just cut two little slits on the back of the runner to stick the curtain rod into. You may have to clip some of the quilting to do this, but it should be okay provided you hand wash and handle with care.

Now you're got a unique window treatment with country flair!

We used the 48" length, but this also works nicely with a 72" runner. You can gather the runner a bit on the curtain rod, or leave it mostly flat, like we did. Leaving it flat allow you to see all the pretty detail in the patchwork. 

Need a quilted runner to work with? We've got a whole bunch to pick from on our Country Table Runner Page.

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