20 New Quilts by VHC Brands

Braxton Quilt

Around here, there are few things that cause more excitement than new quilt releases. I tend to get all giddy when the new catalogs arrive from our suppliers. A little goofy, I know- but true nonetheless.

Getting that first peek at the new season's line up quickly turns to dread as I remember how much time and effort it will take to enter all those cute quilts and various matching accessories onto the website! It's quite a chore, but a labor of love really as I get to go through each collection piece by piece and learn all the little details that make each one unique. That's what I've been up to this past week. (That and little else, as my family will frustratingly report!)

But now is the the best part- showing them to you guys! I know that most of you love quilts and country decor as much as we do, or you wouldn't be reading this now. So here is my slightly unbiased review on the new Spring Collection 2017 by VHC Brands. With pictures, or course.

Let's start with the good ol' fashioned county quilts that VHC is known for. The spring collection includes a few new styles in this genre. My personal favorite would have to be the one shown above, called Braxton. It's a traditional Log Cabin pattern, but rather than the usual darker color scheme it's got bright red, khaki, navy and black for a peppy look. Braxton also includes a full range of window treatments. Yes, Braxton is a very cute quilt that you might just see in our home real soon. Here's another view of the lovely Braxton Quilt.

Braxton Quilt

Next stop is the rustic Dawson Star Quilt. Here is  a pic-

Dawson Star Quilt

This is another quilt that I would call "classic" country style. Made up of stars and patches, done in nice autumn colors. This collection also has lots of matching window treatment options and several rustic toss pillows. This quilt is part of the Lasting Impressions line by VHC Brands, which includes their most intricate and generously sized quilts.

That brings us to another new Lasting Impressions quilt, called Parker.  Here is a nice close up pic that really shows the detail-

Parker Quilt

Parker is gorgeous Log Cabin style quilt with sashing and spinning stars. Lots of detail here, small patches and plenty of fabric variety. The colors again are autumn hues. We're seeing a lot of that this season, and it's been a welcome surprise. Warm earth tones are always a popular choice during the cooler months, but not so easy to find in recent years. The Parker Collection also includes some really pretty plaid curtains and a cute shower curtain. Another winner.

Next up- the Southwestern quilts. This is a new direction for VHC. The spring collection includes 4 different quilts with Southwestern/ Native American Influences. Here is a pic of my favorite, the El Dorado Grey.

El Dorado Grey Quilt

This is a really subtle look with a desert vibe. It also comes in the fiery El Dorado Sienna color option. Both are constructed in an interesting new way. Along with the similar Sante Fe Collection, these are printed wholecloth quilts rather than patchworks. They're a bit more economical and well suited to more frequent washing. A nice option to have.

Next in our tour of quilts would be the European-inspired designs. VHC went in this direction last season with the popular Charlotte Linen Blend Quilt. It was a big hit with the Farmhouse and French County lovers. Now they're introducing a trio of new wholecloth quilts called Adelia. Here's a pic of the Adelia Creme ~

Adelia Creme Quilt

It has a high-end, old world look but a budget friendly price tag. The queen quilt runs $120 on this one, so not a bad deal. Adelia also comes in pure White and a luscious Apricot color. And speaking of luscious color, the Eleanor Mauve Quilt is another Euro-inspired design in a unique color. Here's a pic of that one-

Eleanor Mauve Quilt

The Eleanor pattern is interesting due to the wide velvet border encasing the quilt. A rich texture that is hard to appreciate online. Eleanor also comes in a vibrant Teal color.

While old fashioned country style is our specialty, we have added a few contemporary quilts into the mix. These fun looks are popular with the younger crowd and bring a lot of energy into a room. My favorite quilt is this category would be the new Rowan Quilt, shown below.

Rowan Quilt

This offers a nice mix of colors- loud but not overly so. And the Rowan Collection also includes some really cool window treatments and a cute shower curtain. Falling somewhere between traditional and modern, would be the Paloma quilts. They're available in Crimson and Indigo. Here's a pic of the Paloma Indigo Quilt.

Paloma Indigo Quilt

The Paloma quilts are cute, playful and reasonably priced. They're constructed in a simple strip patchwork pattern mixing three different prints in similar colors. Various window treatments are included in the Paloma Indigo and Paloma Crimson collections, including extra long curtain panels for a really dramatic look.

Vintage Style Bedding Accessories and Curtains. In addition to the quilts, VHC is also introducing a bunch of heirloom-inspired curtains and bedding accessories. There will be three different patterns, each available in cream and white. Each pattern has a slightly different twist, but all of them have that vintage heirloom look that we love so much. Here is a pic of the Quinn Bedskirt that we will be adding soon. We've already added the Jasmine White and Jasmine Creme collections and will soon be adding Willow in white and cream also. We can't wait to try these skirts out with our favorite rustic quilts, for a stunning "rustic meets refined" look!

Quinn Bedskirt

Well, that pretty much covers the high points of the new spring quilt collection. You can check out all 20 new quilts here.  I should mention that VHC does offer a few other new quilts that we have not added. Since our focus is mainly on rustic and/or vintage styles, we don't add every available collection. If you see something elsewhere that you like, we can most certainly get if for you (assuming it's still available at VHC). So just give us a call or email if you need something we don't have listed on our website. We would love to earn your business.

All of the goodies shown and mentioned above are scheduled to arrive soon, and should begin shipping in mid December. We're set up to take pre-orders on these items, so you can go ahead and order now if you like. And don't forget to use your 15% off discount code BMERRY!

~ Happy Holidays, Y'all!




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