Grandmother's Tablecloths

Grandma's Tablecloths

It is no secret that we are in love with the country lifestyle here at Retro Barn. And all of us here share a fondness of childhood memories.

If you were fortunate enough to have a big family growing up, then there is no need for us to keep explaining. You’ve probably already thought of a few precious memories you have of cousins causing trouble, or aunts and uncles teaching you something Mom and Dad would never approve of.

One memory in particular that we consider a classic, is sitting down around a well dressed dinner table, covered with a ridiculous amount of food for the family. We’d have fish and other game that the uncles brought in, paired with an assortment of dishes that the women in the family spent years perfecting.

Sitting down to eat dinner with everyone was always so enchanting after a long day of running around in the sun, carefree and still clinging to our innocence. Usually, we’d get called to sit before the food was ready, so we had to be creative with how we spent our time waiting.

We’d trace the patterns in Grandmother’s tablecloths, careful not to press too hard and earn a slap on the wrist for rubbing dirt on her clean linens. Whether they were freshly cleaned or had been used all week, we learned early on to respect Grandmother's linens.

The tablecloths she used weren’t significant at the time.

We kids were only there to eat our delicious food and then run off to the lake to try our hands at catching minnows. We’d be kidding you if we said the tablecloth was important back then. But now that we’re reminiscing, we can assure you that the nostalgia is strong when it comes to those simple cloths.

Whether she used her nicest spread, complete with flowers and fruit filled wicker baskets printed on the sides, or just her plain red and white checker print, Grandmother always had the perfect pattern to set the tone for a meal. She refused to let us eat on a bare table, and maybe it was just due to her tendencies towards southern comfort, but regardless, we never gave it a second thought.

That’s why we think our vintage style tablecloths are so special today. They bring back fond memories of being young and spending long summers with loved ones. We think of fresh cut watermelon and chilled lemonade when we see them draped over a table on a sunny afternoon.

The tablecloth isn’t exactly what makes the memories so special. It’s just the fact that Grandmother cared so much about keeping everyone comfortable. It’s appreciating the blessings of being able to feed a whole family, and it’s the idea that we were a part of something larger than ourselves.  

With the styles and designs that we have available today, you are sure to find one that recalls you own childhood memories. But most importantly, your family will be creating something absolutely priceless by gathering together to enjoy a meal and appreciate each other's company.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone ~



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