Movin' on Down the Road

Dirt Road in Cades Cove, Tennessee

Change is good. But for old fashioned folks like us it can be a bit challenging. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to move us on...

When our family started Retro Barn 10 years ago we knew nothing about selling things online. All we knew was that we were having a hard time creating the nostalgic country look we wanted for our home. We live in a small town, so our shopping choices were pretty limited. I sent off for a catalog from a curtain manufacturer and to my surprise they sent me a wholesale catalog rather than the retail catalog I was expecting. That was the first nudge. I immediately got excited about the products and became convinced I wanted to sell them to other people like me. To my great surprise, my husband actually encouraged the idea. Next thing you know we had a website. Not an ounce of computer knowledge, sales or marketing experience between the two of us - but we had a website! And amazingly God started sending customers our way...

Fast forward 10 years and here we are. Which brings me to the whole point of this post. We've experienced another one of those nudges which forced us to totally revamp the website. It seems that Google likes websites that are easy to view on cell phones, and we were notified that our old website was not mobile friendly. This became a big issue and it was obvious that a total overhaul of the website would be required to fix it. For some crazy reason we decide to go DIY on this project - totally underestimating the amount of work involved. This bun of a website has been in the oven for nearly 9 months- long enough to grow a real baby! It's been a great learning experience, but an incredibly slow process. So now it's finally here and we can get back to our real mission in life- helping you guys, our loyal customers!

In an effort to make your shopping experience easier and better, we've incorporated a few cool new features. Here's the quick run down of the highlights-

  • Our product pages now include multiple images so you can get a better look.
  • An automated Check Order Status feature so you can quickly see what's going on with your order.
  • Online Return Request Form so you can quickly request a return shipping label if you need one.
  • Online Swatch Request Form so you can pick and choose which samples you need. (Or you can still email your requests. We love to hear about your decorating projects and ideas!)
  • Email Me When Available button will now appear on every page with an out of stock item.
  • Expected restock date will also be included on each page with an out of stock item. (Of course, that's if the manufacturer has given us an expected restock date.)
  • Finally, our website is easy to use on your mobile phone! The new Retro Barn is a responsive website, meaning it will adapt and change it's display based on the device you are using. The wonders of modern technology!
  • We've added a lengthy FAQ section that we hope will clarify some common questions and solve a few decorating challenges.

So that's it in a nutshell. A whole new Retro. A new and improved Retro. Not by choice but by nudge. And sometimes that's just what we need. We hope you like the new website.


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